The Flowers and the Bees; instead of birds and bees

Category: Spiritual Oneness
Author: wizanda
Date: 2006/8/6
Now with many children lost with a simple fairy tale of the birds and the bees, here is a version; that makes a lot more sense this way.
Keywords: Flowers,Birds,Bees,Sex,Life,Love,Oneness

Summary: Now with many children lost with a simple fairy tale of the birds and the bees, here is a version; that makes a lot more sense this way.

Start with bees and the pollen from the flowers the pollen comes from the plants to make offspring.
Which all grows in mother earth, which then gives the unconditional love, in which the wisdom of good helps us grow.
Now the bee is like a man, and man has to find flowers (women) too collect pollen from.
Each flower is different and so the bee has choice of which flower to go in to and get pollen from….
Each flower will make a different sort of honey for the bee, and yet for each flower, its self it is fussier.
Women will like a certain sort of pollen that the bee can give her, yet the bee will have seen other flowers and from what the bee learns it helps tech the flower by sharing pollen with the flower and the plant, for the whole process of making fruit together when fully grown.
This is either honey (wisdom of unconditional love) for the bee… which is almost life it self for a bee and all they live for is to make honey and more young.
The female being a plant is trying to make fruit when grown and a good home for that fruit then; so a good bee doesn’t damage the flowers on entrance or leaving.
A bad bee will be clumsy and leave a mess, so the flowers can’t even take in other bees to be loved again.
So in this process we see the circle of life unfolding as the bee enters the flowers and makes it fertilised, with pollen it carries, from wisdom it has learned.
This then makes the flowers pregnant and it will produce seeds, which then can be more plants for the bees to fertilize.
Then for the bee’s they have more plants and the plants are happy as they got fertilised as hinted and produced offspring.
Yet you see there are many things that can go wrong, like a big bumble bee trying to get into a little flower, it doesn’t work like that and we see what happens.
Many of the bees got slightly confused, with the fact no one explained it was about spreading pollen…. so the flowers turned into a Venus flytrap and seduced the bees, yet never to find pollen.
So if every flower, realized it is a flower and as such Bees are attracted to enter flowers regardless and if a bees set the mind on a certain flower they will try very hard to get it.
Remember a bee is never a wasp and wasps live in fig trees! Not flowers yet the fruit, so be careful if it stings more then once as a bee can only sting once.
So in other words… if it doesn’t treat the flowers and the plant with respect; it is a wasp!
It shouldn’t be entering a flower, until it’s a fruit as they are for bees, as bees are wiser!
Wasp’s get like a puppet; when the season comes for this, so be aware all flowers and tell wasps to find their own fruit or learn at least to be wise, like the bee to make some fruit its self.
Also remind us that a bee can’t be in two flowers at the same time and neither should we.
Also if a bee realizes every flower wants you for one thing and that is to enter and make some fruit and spread a little pollen about, being magic in life, the result are a clone of where the bee has been.
For if the bees fetches far distant pollen from a similar species, it makes a new form of flowers for the whole world to share and make more beautiful flowers and bees, and less grumpy wasps that attack everyone from there own fear.
Yet in saying that if you leave a wasp alone, it is far safer and many of us tampered with the wasps nests, being the fig and so now it is sort of many bees have got skinny and have no flowers, so are more like wasps as well.
This is maybe to say to all and especially children are free in this life as Good as one made it special, man made it bad.
Where and when do you see bees and birds mix? They don’t and we wonder why they say boy and girl separated always?
Its one love never two and God loves all, and is not a man or woman, a bee or a bird, Yet is far beyond wisdom to begin with and then the magic that makes life work it self!
Now within our current way of life that man made for ourselves, we have a few problems as this shows.
One is that the plant is there to grow flowers make a space for its self and its fruit, not its own harvest.
As in each flower it produces a fruit, yet if one flower is removed while the plant grows, two extra flowers will grow to produce the same fruit from the plant it self, and reality of the soil and nutrients circle life being God.
So when we have more fruit, even from different plants species, it makes the fruit no different in some ways, yet they may grow different sorts of fruit that can react with each other as is often seen in mixed race families..
Yet where they harvest is the big part, as in our current lifestyles, we have our young while the plant is still young.
This means as they all grow in the space, the light is taken up by the mother and so the children miss out on some of the light they should have received if the plant started at about 30 as most majestic trees do.
As then what happened are the fruit drops away from the mother and the new trees grow, and as the mother slowly dies as all plants do one day.
The energy of the mother is given back in the soil; as she falls, the young trees which are now strong growing in the true light and not half of the mothers light can hold her weight as she falls.
Yet when all the young grow next to the mother, eventually they will kill the mother unless they know how to keep the distance as well.
This we also see with the bees as they being foolish and young often move in the plant they feed off, good idea you may think...
Yet as the plant grows it has a big hole where the wasps take up space that was meant for the heart of where pollen stems from being the roots (wisdom of God).
So maybe wasps should learn to make crystals from unconditional love as can be done and the bee in hives; where they belong!
The wasp not in others peoples houses, scrounging every last bit of pollen; until they realize there isn’t any…
So go to other plants looking for more pollen and kill the plant they live in when done, by taking to much.
This is also the ways of heaven on earth, as it was to begin and God planned!
Man changed it after for them self’s?

Now instead of flowers excepting the perfect bees, they except anything and so miss the bee that was meant for that one flower; to be perfect and to make much fruit between them, and other flowers as one big family can, and one world can!
Yet when people say (I am) this is where they miss the plan.
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