Future's Reality

Category: Poetry
Author: wizanda
Date: 2006/8/7
Keywords: Future,Energy,Thoughts,Contemplate,Life,Poem,Poetry

What is meant to be, we see,
For the future holds the truth of uncertainty.
In understanding our mind wanders free;
Yet do not travel so fast,
As to shape the reality of now in our mind.
As energy, energy, energy,
First we must find;
To take of is wrong,
Love is the key.
Our heart it is,
Let it flow,
Then we will know,
It is always there in the plants.
Yet beware those infants,
Whom know so much,
Yet still have not yet peered,
Into the truths of reality;
How will they find some sanity,
When it is all vanity.
It's the way some were reared;
It's all the fear,
That makes them sneer.
How to be clear,
Thoughts and feelings,
Senses and soul;
Link them to feel whole.
Free of clutter,
Love in our soul;
Look without looking,
Hear without hearing,
Understand without having to contemplate.
Give without having to take;
Don't be a fake,
Be as deep as a lake.
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