Listen Within

Category: Poetry
Author: wizanda
Date: 2013/3/25
A look at the voices within our own consciousness and how they can interact within.
Keywords: Daimon, Genius, Angel, Voices, Consciousness, Life, Poem

Summary: A look at the voices within our own consciousness and how they can interact within.

A daimon and a genius,
Is it ingenious?
When itís so misunderstood,
That itís become precarious.
A daimon relates,
Where ego begets.
A genius finds,
Solutions entwined;
Secrets and mysteries,
Found in our mind.
Daimons have got us in a bind,
Weíve forgotten how they were assigned.
List a few to remind,
How easy they are maligned.
Satan means an accuser,
Not some Hell sent abuser.
Devil means a slanderer,
Not some unholy commander.
Their minions related,
Partially integrated,
Yet not so well designated:
Aloof and Poor me;
All relating for profit we see.
Yet let's add some more,
That do abhor:
A debater,
A mocker,
A scoffer,
And clown;
All take our heart,
And smash it on the ground.
There is maybe more weíve missed,
So please write a list,
And will add it to this.
So on to bliss,
Explaining contrast;
Holding to light that will last.
A genius wasnít a person,
Yet the spirit sent to guide;
That leads from the inside,
To help us decide.
Yet with fear and contracts,
Holding people back;
Often they see this as a lack,
And the other as their tract.
Thus listing genii could also be applied;
Hopefully leading to what is implied.
So when people lied,
Notice we heard the slide;
After we were told it all was snide.
A problem and solution,
Whilst sleeping expands;
That unless in meditation,
Ego withstands,
Almost like sometimes,
Itís taken over command.
Until a word slips our tongue;
Open & listen,
A new word sprung.
Itís learned by being young,
To instinctively walk in the sun;
Where our instincts arenít wrong,
As weíve learned the song is always sung,
From deep within our lung,
In our heart where we begun.
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