Doing Time

Category: Poetry
Author: wizanda
Date: 2013/5/1
If here is a test, letís analyze the rest...
Keywords: Poem, Prison, Life, Hell, Earth, Poetry, Oneness, Sentenced, Dynamics

Summary: If here is a test, letís analyze the rest...

If earth was a prison,
How could we tell;
If we were fallen from Heaven and closer to Hell?
Take a look around,
Listen to every sound,
Look at what abounds,
Itís not profound;
Itís not a playground,
When suffering is renowned.
As children we did glisten;
Yet did we truly listen;
Full of derision,
Whilst finding division.
Fighting supervision,
Inciting collision;
Questioning indecision,
Whilst comprehending the revisions.
Whilst they give us cake,
We think itís all great;
Yet many turn into fakes,
Due to making that mistake.
Where as many heartbreaks,
Cause some to awake;
Choosing not to intake,
No longer to partake,
In that which makes us ache.
People who deem them self saints,
Are often full of complaints;
Many who say theyíre a star,
Often donít see the scars.
Released on good behavior,
Do we really need a savior;
Or to control our misbehavior?
The idea isnít to live in sin,
Or even to turn to the gin;
Yet how can we begin,
If we donít see weíre here in the bin?
Everywhere is full of violence,
Pretending we have silence;
Leads to such pretense,
As an internal defense.
Instead of seeking guidance,
For our soul's sentence;
By truly finding repentance,
Turning to temperance,
No longer under endurance,
By recognizing the hindrance.
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