Unconditional Love

Category: Poetry
Author: wizanda
Date: 2016/8/31
Lifting our voices as one, with a unified song.
Keywords: Poem, Unconditional-Love, Wisdom, Poetry, Love, Life, Oneness

Summary: Lifting our voices as one, with a unified song.

A world of neglect and uncertainty;
So let's reflect to find assurity.
Unconditional love is what is required;
Yet not only because we're inspired.
It's easy to positively reflect,
We call it love;
Yet to full heartedly reflect with all,
Is a gift from above.
Half heartedly we think we'll get by;
Whilst all we do is make others sigh,
Or even cry.
A world failing in self denial,
As we're taught to think we've got style;
Yet we won't go that extra mile.
Some do for maybe a while,
Then hope it counts like some form of guile;
Not realizing we're all here on trial,
Testing if we are really worthwhile.
Heaven doesn't want half hearted attempts;
When there are farmers who care,
Who really do belong there.
There are wise shepherds who share,
With dynamic artistic flair;
Who intercess our prayer,
As they've chosen to be aware.
So in this world full of confoundaries,
With many quandaries;
Don't just put up boundaries,
As all we do is make enemies,
By treating people as second class entities;
Instead of as royal equities,
Each with special melodies.
It costs nothing to give and inspire;
More to live and always conspire.
So seek to inquire,
Reach for something higher;
Live to get out of the quagmire,
By giving love like we're a town crier,
Sharing like we're on fire,
As unconditional love is something to admire.
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