Save Nature

Category: Poetry
Author: wizanda
Date: 2006/8/7
Keywords: Trees,World,Mother-Earth,Poem,Life,Oneness,Spiritual,Poetry

A poem about the trees,
We beg your help please;
Every tree holds water,
Don't we think we should look after them like we alter?
As the water starts to rise;
We play with dice,
That could get us in a mess.
It's like playing chess,
We really do put the earth under such stress.
Stop putting her to the test,
It will adapt,
Even react;
Keep it's self from falling back.
Let's treat this planet as we should;
Stop chopping it all down just for wood.
It's a symbiosis,
It's quite atrocious;
Here is the diagnosis.
Catch the flow,
We put out,
What The plants need to grow;
They are the same,
They try to show.
Soon we will get what we've reaped.
What do we leave;
So that the children grieve.
So plant instead,
Stop the dread;
Look after this place,
Don't be a disgrace;
Help save the human race!
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