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Saving Lifes

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What's in question in this life,
Why is there such strife;
Why don't we live as we should,
Half as decent as we could.
Do we not see we have one mother earth;
Really what are we worth?
She gave us our birth fair,
For us to protect and care;
Are we really unaware?
Stop the moaning,
Solve the solution;
Be the revolution.
Stop the pollution,
Let that be the revelation,
Of the nations.
We are of creation;
Let's create,
Not hate.
Why are we here,
It's not to earn,
Not to destroy,
Or be employed.
Don't we see that is a decoy,
That is a ploy.
Help save our fate,
For Heaven's sake;
We can make it here,
Have no fear.
Possibly change our career,
Help steer the future clear.
That the children can cheer,
"We can still live here!"
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