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The Grail Tale

The Knights of the Round Table,
Was it just a fable;
Or to learn a quest,
To be the best?
To find rest,
We ask again,
What was the test?
The search of the Knights,
Was to find wisdom,
To save the Kingdom.
Everyone that came,
Said to be a youth,
Water is the way;
Do you hear what we say?
Water is all that lives,
Water only gives,
It is assumptive to say it is scientific,
Be more specific.
H20 that doesn't flow;
Two gases?
Science will show that isn't so.
The Knights sit as they do,
Everyone gets a say,
Like Heaven in a way.
Many Knights we have heard,
All saying the same.
"Absurd", some do say;
"Only mine is the way!"
Yet all speak of the same quest,
To learn about the Celeste.
Thus don't put people under duress.
If the table were not there,
None of us would really care.
Everyone sees their bit,
Don't tell others "That's it!"
All we do is alienate,
Make others irate,
This isn't what they did state.
The Lord does create,
Doesn't imitate.
The path is straight,
Don't dictate,
Instead relate.
To accumulate.
That which was spoken,
Instead of provoke.
Don't invoke,
Or choke their yolk.
How can we be whole,
When we find such divide?
This was never implied;
They wouldn't have been Knights,
Wouldn't have had any rights.
There can be only one King,
He gave all that we might bring.
Is there something missing;
Can we see what this is meaning?
We can make something gleaming,
If we find the center of the table,
Making it not a fable;
A world glowing oh so bright,
As finally we got it right.
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