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Anger Management

Many of us when we get angry strike out at the nearest thing to us, in the hopes this will disperse some of the anger, it often doesnít and here is a reason why.
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If when youíre angry you take your anger out on a wall, what happens?

People think by hitting the wall, they have released this anger dwelling inside, yet on doing so; often we hurt our own fist in the process of punching things.
So if you think about the energies itís not transferring it anywhere and actually itís making it worse; as now as well as feeling it inside, you also feel your broken knuckleÖ.
So within understanding this, we can begin to think about better coping strategies; as by understanding the energy transferring, it helps us to see ways to transduce this energy in to something more useful.

You see we have two spheres of influence, things we can control and things we canít; if you spend all your time worrying about the stuff we canít control, we then have no time to worry about the things we can change.

So when angry, realize this is energy, ok itís not always a positive one. If you look at our history, most of our accredited artist often had allot of reasons to be angry; this they released in forms of art, which we still recognize as some of the best today.
Reason being is anger does hold allot of energy and to realize this allows us to look past the points we canít change and move on to the things we can.
So by using this energy to take your self forward also, this then helps others and through helping others, we help our self deal with these things by passing the energy on, yet in a positive way; rather then just making someone else feel as bad as you do, which is equal to punching a wall and hurting your self in the process.
Always what comes around goes around, as the universal laws of Karma are always reimbursed; so make sure it is in a positive way.
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