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Sheeple & Kids

Religious twists, Canít Coexist; Here is Something Many have Missed
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Round and round in circles,
Like sheep and goats,
How much they bleat,
How much they gloat;
Because theyíve eloped.
So letís take a look under a microscope;
Perhaps to cope,
Presenting the scope,
Giving a beat thatíll perhaps lead to hope.
Whilst one interjects,
The other collects.
Like sheeple as people,
Kids that fib;
One over regal,
The other forbids.
Like yet and but,
The mouth and the foot;
Allot overlooked,
Or even mistook.
Two sisters are named,
Two books are tamed;
A mysterious flame,
Removing all the blame,
Where many have caused shame.
As instead of teach we live in Hell,
They tell us we are here to sell;
So once there is the final bell,
Most of us thought we were here to dwell.
Realize here is a prison to learn,
Not a place for angels to yearn,
Or earn.
Itís easy to discern,
That the date hasnít been adjourned.
The wheat and chaff have already been churned,
Which many have already spurned;
Yet really itís our concern,
When getting sunburned,
As it is only the field left to burn.
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