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Here is our quotes over the years in one place; feel free to share.
Rather than only believe our own reflections on a subject, be willing to question what we don't know.

If you have a doldrum (dulldrum), hit the drum with more energy or increase the tension.

Turn the reflection of attention inwardly, and listen to the Source at its root.

If rocks can become worshippers; salty people make great fertilizer.

Test logically what adds up; just because people agree, doesn't make it fact - Evidence does.

Whilst our hands are full of pains from the past, it is harder to pick up others.

Meditate, step back, & internally massage the shoulders.

People who believe the 'devil' has power, are often scaremongers.

Spend less time trying to make followers, and more on being something worthy of following.

The diluted salts of suffering, can be used to encapsulate growth towards the light.

Belief is from the mind, and faith comes from the trust within the heart.

Make sure the support is solid enough to hold the weight.

Enjoy the show whilst it lasts, as the symphony's music produces happiness; whereas anticipation of the completion is short lived.

A strong reaction, causes an opposite reaction.

It is sometimes better to go within, than to go without.

The body is a spacesuit for the soul.

Learning to meditate, and deal with each issue; helps make more tactical movements. Rushing around without making sensible steps; wastes more time.

When does caution become fear; when does assumption become insincere.

Bitching on a soapbox, isn't preaching righteousness.

Only when we don't focus outwardly, can we truly hear within.

The pain we've worked through, is then the strength to overcome tomorrow.

The more we divide our attention, the less attention we give.

Stop blaming others for being less than you are.

The river flows not to break its banks.
The tree produces fruit to spread its seed.
The sun blazes to use its fuel.
The flower radiates fragrance to be pollinated.
Thus learning to have something within to share, makes us a benefit for many.

Goals set drive; which sets faith.

No one else is going to get you fit.

If we bless or curse a karmic balance, we can affect the results.

Growth makes all beings feel more in themself.

Build on what is known within a case, before dismantling it until there is nothing left.

Self worth comes from acceptance.

To master something we have to learn from the mistakes, and to begin there is always loads to make.

A feeling of completion generates a sense of fulfilment; a feeling of missing promotes a sense of emptiness.

People work best when inspired; pay doesn't make the soldier.

If you want someone to cope, then simple folks, like simple jokes; thus lead them with hope, rather than a rope that chokes.

From traumas we often learn the deepest wisdoms... It takes knowing the depths, to see the heights.

Disciplinary, not reactionary.

What is one being's waste, is another's wealth.

When we learn to sit doing our own counselling, doing nothing is really useful.

Before we find the strength to overcome, first we've got to set our heart in the right direction.

Many have an auto switch off to anything not inside their understanding; thus getting someone to answer positively, makes the next answer more likely to be positive.

Only talking to obstinate people becomes conditioning.

Alcohol is a rotten crutch.

We've been taught to fight the sides, rather than see all the perspectives.

We should create a system that allows people to care.

When looking for positives down near Hell, we often come up with the wrong answers.

Allow synchronicities to show us reality is inside a universal computer.

The narcissist will tell us how they are the hero; the saint will tell us how they could have done more.

Learn to go deeper within the lows, to convert that growth into light.

True religion is one; whereas religions often come from a cult mentality, that has then caused cultural divide.

Weed regulates brain neurology, and psychedelics make us smarter.

Living the gospel, and preaching it, are two different things - only one brings salvation.

Real communism is against fascism; which is what has taken over the world already - an oligarchy of corporatocracy.

Trying to save time, and blundering, can cost more than double.

People saying if we go there, "we'll be happy"; thus unhappiness resides at the alternative?
Come to the gym, "we'll get fit"; thus the alternative is laziness?
Slowly realized it all starts within, not without; else we're always seeking - When sorting internal space endures.

A nervous breakdown is an overload of paperwork; depression is it getting on top of us, and weighing us down.

If we try to wake someone up, when they want to go back to sleep, they can get angry.

We don't level up without the effort.

Instead of medicate, which is to administer remedies or mediate to find a middle ground, if we meditate, we find relief in measuring our feelings.

We're all like fallen angels with one wing, and inner demons we each have to conquer. Many pull each other's feathers off, claiming them not to be angelic; whereas when we all work together we can fly.

If we lack support: Allow our journey's depths to help us grow, in the direction we're reaching towards.
External structures don't always go along with our journey; thus we can stunt our growth by leaning too much outwardly.

Stronger the body, more it can fight its own symptoms.

When someone blames the person, rather than the system, it comes from a place of narcissism.

Many people are taking up meditation, not for woolliness; yet because spending 15mins+ gardening, means it becomes a pleasure to sit, and smell the flowers, rather than the compost.

Polite-Lying-Ticks = Sucking the blood out of society.

Learn to sit quietly to deal with inner equations, as even music can become a narrative.

Every obstacle ignored can make us weaker; every climb can make us stronger.

When we unconditionally love angels, they reflect back light.

We can mathematically prove the periodic table is a matrix, thus our reality is all made from maths. The Fibonacci sequence is interwoven into the basics of reality, thus everything is formulated from a central Source.

True religion was about spiritual development, and entheogens; believing in someone's experiences is a cult.

Stresses cause change; therefore addressing the stresses, allows change.

Om Namah Shiva Ya.
Bhagavan Brahma is Yahavah.
Yeshua caught out Tarakasura,
As Skanda is Sananda.

Is a nutcase nuts? We always need to understand the situation, before blaming the contents.

Unless we're talking to a psychologist, then they might lock us up for being conscious. Psychedelics make us smarter, so we then realize we're inside a mathematical matrix - thus it isn't crazy to be Logical.

Turn everything into metaphysics, ???? it hurts less then.

Focusing energy, creates more drive.

Part of feeling alive, is to create life.

How will someone who spends their life on their ego, then spend an infinite life of servitude, and enjoy it?

Make energy our first priority, everything else comes after.
Put more in, to get more out.

Something glorious, creates shadows.

Anti-religious people are often proven insane by their lack of logic: We're all inside a universal quantum computer, where God is the CPU. The idea people don't understand logic implies everything can be shown to be equations, is thus illogical, and even delusional in some cases.

Achieving our goals like someone told us, "we're not even good enough to try."

People will hammer down a nail that sticks out; yet when people realize that nail can be useful to hang things on, that nail can become famous in the right places.

Simple people like simple solutions; which makes it complex to explain the complexities.

Meditation isn't quiet, until the mind is empty.

With the right support, we can heal.

Reporting an error quickly and efficiently, isn't confrontational, it allows it to be fixed.

Only we can make our self stronger, and no one can stop us being lazy, if we're not willing.

Buddha taught how we can systematically remove all ideas by seeing the opposites; then we can come to a state of Nirvana when all obstacles are gone - Words muddy the simpleness of 0neness.

One gives one's heart to 0neness!!

When we stop flailing trying to tread water, and instead swim strong, we realize we always floated.

Ageing badly is a choice - Alcohol is over a few years old rotten plants & meat is over a few weeks old decomposing flesh; choose life.

It tastes better as a mix; we all get used to one variety too quick, so mixes keep us real.

Over multi-tasking can spread the paint too thin; learn to mix more paint within, before over applying, and going without.

If we don't value our own light, often we will dull others.
Thus learn to be an inspiration, before claiming to be inspiring.
If we don't build our own personal space stronger, we can't show others to do the same.

Sometimes when we're stuck on a ladder, the only option is to climb higher, and realize we are in control of the situation.

It is a bit pointless doing something, and not getting anywhere.
Joy is in the journey, and celebration is in the destination.

Scrolling our own memories (meditation) leads to connection; scrolling other people's memories can lead to detachment.

People who think they're smarter than the Bible, clearly haven't read what is going on.

If we let someone less smart guide our life, they can only destine as far as they can see.

It's harder to do complex internal questions, whilst busy doing things.

Fungi create mycelium, which is the neural network of nature; it does the same in our system. We need vitamin B12; which is found in fungi.

When we only give half the attention, we get less impact.
If we avoid giving our soul the attention, we don't truly listen to others either.
0neness has to start within, before it spreads outwardly.

Down near Hell, loath that which fits in, and love that which excels against the odds.

Being a diamond down near Hell; Is better than swallowing a pill, And thinking it's all swell. Claiming our self superior; Whilst deeming everyone else inferior. Recognizing the reality, Defeats the vanity; Where we've all got inner demons down here, Then we don't need to live in fear.

Our finger print proves we're in a reality with one Source, and that the reality is a mathematical matrix.
Greek logic was that our reality is all made from logical equations i.e Maths.
It is thus illogical to believe there is no Source (God).

People who act like bums, often crap on others to get ahead, as they already feel they're at the bottom.

If we don't first meditate on the right direction, others will direct us.

Cognitive bias was a planned epidemic.

Imagine if we didn't celebrate the false Christmas ideology, and all understood the real reasons Santa Claus looks like Fly Agaric - It could be a lot more magical at Yule Tide.

Untill we're truly in a state of peace, nothing smoothly flows - we cause our own blows.

When we move from 'want to', into we'd 'love to', we see that 'have to', 'should do', and even 'could do' can be depressive.

We can not untie a knot, until we find the thread, and we can not solve a rhyme, until we find the time.

The more limited the path, the more people fight to defend their position... The more roads travelled doesn't make us lost, it can make us know the way.

We always travel along something; yet a journey doesn't always require us getting anywhere.

We can't make headway without space.

Choose to love; not to only click like.

Live to love; not live to hate.

It is best not to disregard information, questioning perspectives doesn't hurt us; ignoring reality does.

If we paint when the paint isn't wet, it doesn't spread.
If we write when the pen isn't flowing, the ink doesn't stay.
First sort the internal workings, before proceeding to explain something that no one sees.

We were all an expression of cuddles once upon a time.

By the very nature of life, it is in a state of decay; so preserve that which lasts.

Most of the time, it isn't how we fall that matters, yet how we land.

Here are gaming dynamics, that when we apply to life, answer many questions:
1st) Finding requirements.
2nd) Fulfilling requisites.
3rd) Finishing conquests.
4th) Winning pecking order.
5th) Mastering the techniques.

Spiritually being attractive internally is alluring; whereas being repressive, leads to external repressions.

Chi is more important than doing things, as we often have to do twice as much without Chi.

It is hard to get to where we really want to go, until we've set our rudder in the right direction; the wind can only push us.

If we're not comfortable in our own space, it doesn't matter what we've got to fill it.

We attract reality from how we are within; our ego is our external reflection, which leads us away from Source.

Find blaming the political puppet show for being a comedy, is like saying Punch is going to hit Judy, and then the Crocodile is coming.

Who we choose as confidants, affects our confidence.

We can either elevate or deflate, depending how we relate.

We will never be content, until we accept things as they are; plus we won't elevate our situation, untill we understand it.

It's a nice ideal to live in harmony, yet if everything around us is crumbling, then it becomes unreal.
If we attend to the things that are crumbling, then we can have harmony, whilst we live an amazingly real life.

We live in a holographic reality, where there is more space in atomic structure than mass.

Why play an extra, when you're the lead.

What if hell is full of grammar, and heaven has no form?
Therefore a grimoire is grammar; a book of spells in Hell, which produces empty shells...
Heaven has no factor, thus doesn't need a protractor; as on every degree, 0neness can see.

Shepherds will check the pen; sheep settle for it.

Real power comes from the structuring within building good foundations; when this isn't set properly, force is used to maintain it.

Real magic goes beyond the laws.

Head uphill, in a world going downhill.

Think we were always in a symbiosis with nature; just some of us have forgotten.

Live your life to be inspired, not only desired.

As for divinity within all, light shines on nature; yet its roots grow in the darkness.

Solving our own cryptic crossword, leads to finding light within.

Don't just be a pawn played in the game; realize the destination, become a player of the game.

Everyone has a part to play in the puzzle, don't blame others for being light or dark, and you will see how they fit into the overall picture.

Near hell practising to be an angel.

Without first knowing our own true inner reflection, inner fears fester within our love; blinding us to giving love truly.

Blood is thicker then water, spirit is stronger then flesh.

"DMT is illegal"; which is really strange when its the pineal gland, that produces it also.
Please everyone don't dream, else you're breaking the law.

The glass always has extra space for potential.

If you say "yes", when you mean "no"; often you'll do the opposite.

Its just taking steps in a direction and once you start a journey, you see the path.

2 main party politics, 2 main religions... Considering one is clearly rigged; why don't people contemplate the other might be?

Keep the fire of faith in your heart; don't let others blow it out, just because their light has darkened.

Continually practise being within unconditional love, within your own heart.

In purgatory, its not all a sharp bed of roses; some are beautiful.

Seeking to be in love, when we can be love.

Whilst people keep repeating "its paradise"... Everything causes an equal and opposite reaction.
So instead, why not try saying "here is a big compost heap (Gehenna)"; then the world might become a better place, rather then worse.

Isn't it strange, that a witch knew more about creating a living medicine to heal you; than a doctor who can prescribe death, does now.

Compassion Before Passion.

You can teach an old dogs new tricks; you just have to repeat it multiple times.

Wisdom is the Key, Unconditional Love is the Answer.

Hate blinds us to the truth; so much we will even distort what we see, to make it fit with our own idea's of truth.

Love Unconditionally, Feel Passionately, Trust Truthfully, Teach Patiently, Think Creatively... +?

A quick smack, is far better than having to knock them out later!
*Disclaimer - Looking for more politically correct wording?*

If we want to be conscious in Hell, we need to find inner focus, and walk in light; otherwise people's shadows can trip us up.

Just because you aren't on the inside of the bars, doesn't mean that was the free option.

Succeed like someone told you,"you'll never be able to do that!"

Why would you be a light worker, when we can be light emitters?

When the ego quietens, the spirit enlightens.

In this world full of lies; it is far easier to establish the fallacy in a subject first, before trying to establish the truth, built upon lies.

Force doesn't make a funky rhythm; ingenuity and timing does.

When in Hell, don't be like the Romans.

Find we're like a melody in life, and it is all about learning to share it; so we can become a symphony.

We are in a giant conscious symphony; where every note is a character, and every musician is a soul...
Unfortunately some people are so busy with reading the sheet music; they've ignored the conductor.

Belief is a weak form of actually knowing.

It is true we should study every word; yet not so long that we don't see the point.

Pay attention to who controls the strings; don't blame the puppets.

Never think you are not a winner; as if you hadn't won the race to begin, you wouldn't have been born.

Confidence is an illusion; that is based on the ability to exuberate stability, yet any doubt shows.

Hate into Love.
Fear into Faith.
Anger into Peace.

Anyone who thinks their logic is without error, has a flaw in logic somewhere.

There are many opinions, and between them we can build a bridge of understanding.

Like destiny has a course, and regardless of which way you sail; we still end up being blown to the destination it has chosen.

Note to self, stop offering flatteries to soothe the ego; it leads to delusion.

Righteousness isn't a badge we get; it is an uphill struggle.

Looking at other perspectives isn't a bad path; as we don't need to go down every direction we see.

Happiness isn't something we attain, it is something we have to always work towards.

People won't move until the grass is greener; plus often don't move until it has already gotten worse.

Being open to being delusional, is the first steps to being rational in this crazy world.

Putting up with something, is not loving.

The masculine can inflate an idea, the feminine can encompass it; together it can birth balance.

On the road to understanding God, individual religions are only the stepping stones to finding it on the other side.

We don't need to remove people's selfish natures; we need to learn to work within the parameters of the situation we have... Thus everyone can be selfishly motivated to make their world a better place.

The Tao is the Wisdom & Logic stemming from the Core of reality; the Dharma is the naturally righteous path that flows with it.

Many want to live like Gods; yet not to act like one.

The symphony that the CPU sings, makes all these unique melodies as things.

Never start a war; always look to implore.

Acceptance of how we feel helps, and transparency can lead us to it.

Believe has a lie, knowing is subjective, showing is objective.
Children compete, adults relate, grandparents raise.

Meditation isn't about finding silence; it is about learning to listen to the inner voice.

Watch the Game, not the Self.

Without the ups and downs, it doesn't make good music.

Nothing out there, can ever complete our own soul.

Instead of reflect self love with the light from the Source; let the unconditional love from the Source permeate through everything, by not over attaching to the self.

A sense of completion satisfies us.

When we've learned to see that externally blaming, leads to three fingers pointing back; the inner wisdom of reflection within, creates light to share.

If we walk away from light, we create shadows in the process... When we can create reality, we need to paint both.

Yoga mats prevent ionization within earthing.

Religion wasn't about following someone; it is about following something.

We all need to fix things to get over them; leaving the bridges broken floods, building walls with the bricks doesn't fix the path.

Like skipping invites a step, a comma invites a word.

Truth is established when we remove all the fallacies from a subject; most never find anything that remotely resembles it, as they look for truth, not fallacies.

When passing blame instead of assigning, it gives part of the equation away, and creates a shadow.

Practise being a success; not living a failure.

To rush a moment, spoils its timing; to awkwardly pause a phrase, can cause dismays.

Movement creates time. Alcohol slurs timing, and inflates gravity. Blame burdens each other. Entheogens help quantify our timing. Meditation leads to embracing the infinite melody.

Inspire zeal, by being real.

If someone is really listening to people they take notes; many just wanna argue about knowing best... Thus watch if they limit time, as they can't really be bothered to listen.

When only looking for our own authenticity, often that is all we will find.

If you splash after a ball in water, it moves further away; open your arms and it comes to you on the current.

The longer it takes to complete something, the more satisfaction it gives when it's done.
So enjoy the longer journey.......................

You might as well ask for a swimming pool of manure, and learn to swim; rather than asking for no shit in your life repeatedly.

Stop yearning for what you haven't got; start learning to be what you have got.

Wonder if depression is us trying to run off from our past, by running into it; rather than comprehending it, and then using it to surf on.

We should be building bridges, instead of walls and it takes the same amount of bricks to build both.

An old soul realizes we are all children at heart from a young age; where as a young soul has expectations that age brings wisdom.

Tell Lies Vision, Programs Us!

True democracy is voting for the things you need, and not the people you don't.

My Momma said, 'Life is like a box of chocolates... Someone took all the smooth ones, and left all the nuts.'
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