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Material things,
What do they bring?
Sorrow and pain,
They'll drive us insane.
Spend all of our time,
Wondering if that could be mine;
For things that won't last,
And worry about the past.
What have we got?
Not a lot;
Except the gifts that God gave,
That we might be saved;
Instead of enslaved,
Until the things are paid.
Save our lives from this hell,
Don't worry where we dwell;
Hope we compel.
We judge on possessions,
It's become an obsession;
This is regression,
It comes from oppression.
Have some discretion,
All that we see,
Won't last for infinity;
Thus don't give up our divinity.
All of this earth,
What is it worth?
Everything comes from the dust,
So will it return;
Thus stop the yearning;
Start the learning.
Don't be tempted by the lure,
Definitely don't adore;
Instead choose things that endure.
Stuff we learn that's pure;
Only then can we be assured,
Our lives are worth more.
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