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Unconditional Love

Lifting our voices as one, with a unified song.
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A world of neglect and uncertainty;
So lets reflect to find assurity.
Unconditional love is what is required;
Yet not only because we're inspired.
It's easy to positively reflect, we call it love;
Yet to full heartedly reflect with all, is a gift from above.
Half heartedly we think we'll get by,
Whilst all we do is make others sigh or even cry.
A world failing in self denial,
As we're taught to think we've got style;
Yet we won't go that extra mile.
Some do for maybe a while,
Then hope it counts like some form of guile;
Not realizing we're all here on trial,
Testing if we are worthwhile.
Heaven doesn't want half hearted attempts,
When there are farmers who care,
Who really do belong there.
There are wise shepherds who share,
With dynamic artistic flair;
Who intercess our prayer,
As they've chosen to be aware.
So in this world full of confoundaries,
With many quandaries;
Don't just put up boundaries,
As all we do is make enemies,
By treating people as second class entities;
Instead of as royal equities,
Each with special melodies.
It costs nothing to give and inspire;
More to live and always conspire.
So seek to inquire,
Reach for something higher;
Live to get out of the quagmire,
By giving love like you're a town crier,
Sharing like you're on fire,
As unconditional love is something to admire.
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