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One Ocean Reality

How life is so much like the ocean as a Parable in poetry...
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A rock falls off the mountain side;
Here it comes through it all,
Ever so small.
It comes down to rest,
Here begins a test,
To leave the nest,
Roll along,
Within this song.
Hard at first,
Comes with a burst;
This isn't rehearsed.
Smashes you free,
You start to see?
With its might,
It pushes us clean,
Ever so mean?
Yet you get reimbursed,
Its not that you're always cursed;
Unless the pains are pursed.
We're part of the sea,
In each other we see.
Rocks in your path,
Having a laugh;
Stay on track,
without the lack.
Stay strong,
Tho bumps may hit you,
All day long;
It moulds you,
Not scolds you.
Get used to the flow,
On the outside,
It will show!
If you get with the groove;
With time you'll become smooth.
Free floating along,
Within the sea...
Yet lookout!
Here comes lava;
With another palaver;
People under pressure,
Tell many lies;
Causes such confusion,
It's their own solution.
They get so hot,
They've let the pain let them rot.
So learn to adjust,
Stay just;
Though keep your track,
Don't fall back;
No more lack,
Stay solid in that fact.
Lies are their disguise,
Help them see;
Break them free,
In this sea.
Release them from their pressures,
No more attachments,
Or treasures.
Learn to move,
With the tide;
Not to hide;
What is good, is implied;
If fully applied.
Shape our selves,
This is our wealth.
Be smooth like a youth,
In this is truth.
Oh so strong,
Never going wrong;
Learn to find completeness,
Even though it may seem a weakness;
Learn too flow as one,
In this ocean of glorious song.
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