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The Gospel of John is Completely False

As the founding book of most Christian’s beliefs, it is completely and utterly Anti-Christ, the Bible foretells this will happen, yet clergy don’t care, as long as they get paid....
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To begin the author of the gospel of John appears to be a Pharisee, his testimonies have more Pharisee private conversations and meetings then anything else.
It also represents Yeshua as an Egotistical law breaker, which too many may be confusing Yeshua with; as this is what most have chosen to be their “jesus”, when it can be proved entirely not his wording.

One of the clearest points, is that the vocabulary is totally different, there are no parables in John, and where as Yeshua warned “do not go after those who say “I Am” (Ego I-Mee) pretending to be Yeshua”; we find that repeatedly used within John.

So when we have “I (Ego) am (I-Mee) the Bread of life (eat me)”, “I (Ego) am (I-Mee) the way truth life”, “I (Ego) am (I-Mee) eternal life”, etc (x7).

This is like a rusty bucket with too many holes in.
Yeshua refers to God as "I (Ego) Am (I-Mee)", as only God is self existing.

So it is basically defiling the law and making Yeshua look like a biblical dragon; which is to say he made all things, when God did.

Next point is it uses third party in Yeshua’s own speeches, about him self.

The testimony and theology mismatches each other, to Yeshua’s words in the other gospels x3:

Destroying of the temple and it being rebuilt in three days is said to be made up by the Pharisees in Matthew and Mark; yet in John its told as truth.

They ask him if he is coming to a party and he says "no", then later goes secretly; thus making him into a liar.

It says he takes a chord and ties knots into it, when turning over the money tables to make him violent; rather then quoting scripture at them.

The disciples were told to go to the lost sheep of Israel, John says go to all nations.

Eternal life comes from following the commandments and giving up wealth; John says it comes from Yeshua and life is more abundant, as you drink.

Yeshua said only drink water, the wedding and wine only goes to deceive.

Yeshua said all knowledge is from his father, John says Yeshua is the father.

Yeshua said anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven; John said Yeshua will send the Holy Spirit, when it has been throughout the Bible.

Where as in the other 3 gospels and in prophecy, he was Lead up to Pilate silently; in John it has been an elaborated to be a “I (Ego) Am (I-Mee) the king of Israel" conversation.

Loads of Old Testament points:

The list could be added, yet basically it defiles the Old Testament so much it is deliberately to put people (Jews) off Yeshua as being anyone (if understood); yet its done the opposite, due to the deception.

For those who know the Bible; Revelations speaks of the fake Anti-Christ church that teaches eating of things unclean (eating and drinking Yeshua’s flesh and blood), Harlotry (Worship anything other then God) and Balaam teachings (God does not sacrifice).

This is not a complete list as too do that, would mean literally mean every word in the gospel of John Nicodemus (Nicolaitans) proven false.
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 Re: The Gospel of John is Completely False

Posted: 2008/6/28 1:40  Updated: 2008/6/28 2:03

 Re: The Gospel of John is Completely False

Posted: 2011/4/14 18:24  Updated: 2011/4/14 18:24


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Thank you for giving this information. As for me, I'm still looking for the answers. Not long ago I came across this book ... uctors-Pray-You-Won-t-Ask (you may download it easily from the given link). To tell the truth a lot of things puzzled me in this book. There are questions which people are not able to answer. I've thought a lot about it, and came to the conclusion that notwithstanding everything every person believes (maybe in his own way) in God, Cosmos, Creator or Nature and it doesn't really matter for him what it is written in the books.
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 Re: The Gospel of John is Completely False wizanda 2011/4/14 18:32

 Re: The Gospel of John is Completely False

Posted: 2011/4/20 0:30  Updated: 2011/4/20 0:33


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There are many things in the Bible that are confusing when you don't read it for knowledge and you read things piece by piece. It is best to read the Bible in chronilogical order, not from the front to the back of bible covers. The gospel of John serves a purpose in the Bible. He tells his story the way that he sees it.
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 Re: The Gospel of John is Completely False wizanda 2011/4/20 23:25