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User Guide To Wiz-And-A Systems

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  1. Editor Content Formatting Features
  2. Font Family
  3. Font Size
  4. Text Styles
  5. Heading 1
  6. Heading 2
  7. Heading 3
  8. Heading 4
  9. Heading 5
  10. Heading 6
  11. Font Color and Highlights
  12. Other Text Decorations and Styles
  13. Content Alignment
  14. Web Elements
  15. View Source Code
  16. Editor Style Sheets
  17. Spell Check with SpellerPages 0.5.1

Editor Content Formatting Features

Below are descriptions of the features included with this editor. Note that text formatting may change according to style sheets specified in the programming of the website the content will be placed in.

Font Family

There are five different generic font families to choose from for your content. These styles may display differently on different browsers as well as on different computers. These generic font families include:

  • Courier New
  • MS Serif
  • Verdana

Note that what is displayed for these font families depends on browser/system settings.

Font Size

There are five different relative font sizes to choose from for your content. These sizes may display differently on different browsers as well as on different computers. These relative font sizes include:

  • X Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X Large

Text Styles

There are eight different text styles to choose from for your content. They include:

  • Normal

  • Heading 1

  • Each of these has Auto Labelled at the top of this Article page to make a grid to work in.
  • Heading 2

  • So use each heading as needed and don't over do it.
  • Heading 3

  • Then we can have a System and User Guide on many Items,
  • Heading 4

  • Organized and arranged by our selfs,
  • Heading 5
  • To be headed and adjusted to be easy,
  • Heading 6
  • To follow as you see with this!
  • Address

Font Color and Highlights

There is a palette of 70 colors to choose from for the color of the type as well as the background color of the type. The examples below show what a selecting blue color for each would look like.

  • Font Color
  • Highlight Color

Other Text Decorations and Styles

There are additional text decorations and styles such as bold, underline, italic, superscript and subscript that are available through the use of buttons.

Content Alignment

The user of this editor can also specify the content to be justified left, center or right. There are also buttons to allow a user to indent and outdent content content blocks.

There is a button to insert tables. When clicked, the user will be prompted for the number of columns per row, then the number of rows in the table. This option allows users to create tabulated text alignment.

Web Elements

Within this form, there are buttons for creating web elements like links, lists, tables and horizontal rules.

Links are created by selecting some content, clicking the Hyperlink button, and entering the fully-qualified URL when prompted (example: Removing a link from content is as simple as selecting the content and clicking the button to remove the link.

There are two different types of lists: ordered and unordered. Unordered lists are generally referred to as bulleted lists. Note that depending on style sheets in your site's programming that the bullets or numbers may appear differently.

An example of a horizontal rule can be found just under the submit button toward the top of this page.

View Source Code

For those of you who know HTML, you may want to tweak the code before submitting. The Toggle Mode option that will allow you switch between HTML source editing or the WYSIWYG interface.

Editor Style Sheets

CSS is to define text styles, Plus so many features if you know CSS?? We Recomend a Copy of TopStyle lite for this pupose which is a free CSS Generator and Editor that can tell you what is compatible with diffrent systems before atempting.

Spell Check with SpellerPages 0.5.1

Need to allow for spell checking? Download SpellerPages 0.5.1, and simply pass the path to it as the 7th parameter to WYSIWYG_Editor or set the editor1.spell_path.

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