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User Guide To Wiz-And-A Systems

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  1. Iframe
  2. RSS
  3. Videos
  4. Tables
  5. Documents
  6. Films
  • Iframe

  • Iframe's can be used on here to link a window to another person's site this allows the copy yet not copy. so then people can comment on the original as people change their minds and the web is changing day by day as is life!
    <iframe src="http:// Please include the URL here" width="100% or 50-600" height="100% or 50-600" frameborder="0 off or 1 on"></iframe>
%* Percent doesn't work in IE using Firefox is the best solution
There are also other commands for iframes and most things, we suggest getting weaverslave which is far easier then dreamweaver and quicker or you can just use here and there is a lot of html. yet for extra ideas there are guides, please type w3c when looking for correct html as many people are very messy.
  • RSS
  • This is code for linking any RSS feed please do not make short circuits across the web by circling, yet to use this to link back to here in either the forum or an article on the effects of a certain type of ideology where it can be listened to yet not taken. plus not to be rude, yet to show all sides of life, in one place.

    <script language="JavaScript" src="http:// Please include your RSS URL here"></script>
    <script>ShowHeadlines(10) This will set the number of feeds </script>

  • Videos

  • there are many free music video sources popping up across the net, most of these provide the code for a regular forum, in html. this can be added as either article if it is to show something as an expression or conversation. The music collection is for offcial rainbow workers of the light whom deem their message as one and that of unity. (we will see though as since we don't actually host files, it is a good player for your own music from your free space provided by your ISP as we have done on here. so instead of trusting commerciality we just trust oneness always has a way out side of the box.
  • Tables

  • These can be copied from word and other sources that can make tables, they are best actually made within Koivi as to keep all graphics as you want it. you can remove MSword with remove formatting yet we advise caution at all times and save a backup first always. As it can just remove the whole thing as MS is totally muddled in comparaZion with teh rest of teh world??
  • Documents

  • Now we would like to advise caution with all document copying if you didnt write it, it's not your's so always display an author's name and where it came from. Yet the best is to add an iframe as to not take it from anywhere in teh first place...we are aware some files and documents are unwanted by some peoples, so make sure you have a hard copy and store it not on here yet links are ok, as long it is safe contents for children as all things should be.
  • Films

  • Now with youtube it gives you the oppertunity to add films, yet behind this we need a communication system for workers of the light to show and explain then the messages they percieve in their life times. As we all can make a film, yet to get people to see it on an ever growing web is hard task so we have oneness, a place for us to show talents and skills of the goodness of everyone in one place, no religious dogma, and in fact we won't except any dogma of any description any more. which means by claiming any texts as authoritive and final is dogma and a way of acting is dogma. yet a description of lifes events and reasoning and whys helps people to make their own choices, so contradicting is the key to understanding, yet with remaining in oneness is the art of conevrsation. This site is not for debate, and on any religious subject we have studied greatly. so if you cause is to proclaim a religion as if you are the author, then this iis not oneness...if you claim we all wrote them and we all are of one energy to begin with then maybe we will start to live in peace.
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