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Religious Resolution

Religious Resolution

Articles about Religious Subjects and there true meanings.
  1. Salvation of God in the Bible
    Since the Bible was translated, most people do not understand contexts, as they've been taught a simplified version of it.
  2. Ebionites Vs Christians
    Most people haven't been taught early church history, and so have been mislead to follow the Anti-Christ's teachings.
  3. How the Abrahamic Religions Are All Anti-Christ's Teachings on Purpose
    The whole world has already been deceived, where their own understandings have blinded them to seeing they've already been set up.
  4. The New Name of Christ is...
    ><> This site has always had Christ's new name, and people haven't study religions enough to know this already. <><
  5. Proving Yeshua as the Messiah
    With many people missing details about why Yeshua is Messiah, here is an explanation that fills in many of the gaps.
  6. Matthew, Mark, Luke Vs the False Gospel of John
    A clear explanation of the contradictions between John, and the synoptic gospels.
  7. first surah of the Holy Quran
    Surah Al Fatiha, Alhamdulillah,All kinds and all forms of the praises belongs to the Allah Almighty, Who created this world and the contents of all universe. Man is so humble even cannot obtain a little morsel of food unless a thousand forces of the universe work together to produce it. This is an example of the Divine power and to realize how the universe in going on systematically.
  8. The Taunting Riddle
    There is a deception prophesied across the Bible, which many have overlooked; here is a quick explanation of how it fits together.
  9. Perjury in the Gospel of John
    The gospel of John is clearly made up, with numerous contradictions between it and the other gospels. A major point is the destroying of the temple and it being rebuilt in 3 days, which we can see from the other gospels is a case for perjury.
  10. Christ and Selflessness
    Yeshua taught selflessness and the world hasn’t seen it due to very poor translations.
  11. Christ Vs John Vs Paul
    This is a start to the differences in theology between Matt, Mark, Luke vs John vs Paul. Clearly showing each is its own separate unique belief system.
  12. Simon the Stumbling Stone
    With many thinking peter is a name and jesus was his name, they’ve missed clear underlying prophecy that are set to be fulfilled.
  13. The Gospel of John is Completely False
    As the founding book of most Christian’s beliefs, it is completely and utterly Anti-Christ, the Bible foretells this will happen, yet clergy don’t care, as long as they get paid....
  14. Gospel of John is Fake
    More and more on researching, there are errors all the way through the gospel of John, and so should be dismissed as hear say evidence, as it contradicts the other gospels all over the place and stands against the rest of the Bible.
  15. The Cup Of Christ
    Over the years, millions have searched for the holy grail thinking it to be something giving eternal life; yet not many have noticed Christ speaks of a second Cup before the last super and in that is part of his true meaning.