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Spiritually enlightening poetry, and poems that uplift the soul.
  1. Transducer
    Every energy can be rearranged, to make it not a strain.
  2. Singularity Processor
    A unity of ideas, where God is easily defined.
  3. Ways To Fix Depression
    A poem to help with depression, hopefully to make an impression.
  4. Unconditional Love
    Lifting our voices as one, with a unified song.
  5. Intimacy
    Some people are so hurt, they've learned to be inert.
  6. The Accuser
    Noticing from conversations, how to have better relations
  7. Doing Time
    If here is a test, letís analyze the rest...
  8. Earthís Dynamics
    A poem correlating the world's religions as one.
  9. Listen Within
    A look at the voices within our own consciousness and how they can interact within.
  10. People are not Objects
    With Industries Exploiting Human Sexuality for more Profit, we need to Recognize as Spiritual Beings itís not Real.
  11. Questioning Attention
    A Poem About How People Like to Feel Shock, Before Skill
  12. Sheeple & Kids
    Religious twists, Canít Coexist; Here is Something Many have Missed
  13. Mourning for Whom
    A Poem of Mourning, for those Sore within
  14. Clay Pots
    Souls within a Vessel, Here with Ego to Wrestle
  15. Soul's Rhyme of the Time
    Partially Sublime, yet a Message Entwined
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