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Articles about Religious Subjects and there true meanings.
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  1. Cannabis information within all religions; to be religious infringement globally.
    In 1980 the Hebrew university officially announced that the anointing oils contains cannabis; it can also found in all other spiritual books globally, so can not be deemed illegal, if it is a holy plant.
  2. What is Faith?
    Faith is a feeling from the heart, that we all have, not some religious practise.
    Faiths is the division and the separation of our society, to produce ego; which then lead no where in terms of faith and in fact the opposite, as we will explain.
  3. Christianity Summary
    After much research and countless articles on the subject of Christianity; here is a summary of what you will find across this site.
  4. The Mustard Seed Books
    The Mustard Seed is quoted in most Religions and is about the judgement, so if you can't hear, this may help!
  5. The 13 Dimensions
    The commandments re-written as a guide to enlightenment and how to find Heaven, in this world and the next...
  6. Ponder A-while
  7. The Bible has had unconditional love removed from it.
    The Bible is in a mess, here are versions of word love that have been put simply and so stole unconditional love, as referenced.
  8. Deciphering where and what is the Destroyer in Revelations
    Written as Apollyon or Abaddon the word has been disguised from its true meaning in Hebrew so here are all the scriptures.
  9. You are Judged by your Works
    Christians believe by faith alone you are saved and so get into Heaven, yet the Bible and Christ, clearly said you are judged by works.
  10. Understanding the Way of Loving like Christ
    What has been taught is Anti-Christ`s teachings, as Christ taught to hate self, Paul taught to love self.
  11. The Potters Field
    How the prophecy of the potters field, was foretold and fulfilled by Christ.
  12. Grace comes from God
    Paul changes the whole concept of grace from God, into teachings opposed to Christ.
  13. A Biblical Explanation of the Dragon
    A guide to understanding the Dragon in Revelations, from a Biblical perspective.
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