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Religious Resolution

Articles about Religious Subjects and there true meanings.
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  1. Christ said he was a Prophet
    Many think Christ to be God, yet Christ him self said he was prophet.
  2. The Divine Potter
    God makes everyone for a reason, not as Paul said and some are less then others.
  3. Learn Talents for Heaven
    What the Parable of the talents means when in Heaven, and why most Christians don't do this.
  4. Children are the way of Heaven
    Christ said unless you are like a child, you shall not enter heaven; Paul told people the opposite.
  5. The Bible shows not to eat meat
    Paul telling people it is ok to eat meat is wrong, the Bible shows meat is not good for us.
  6. Christians break every Commandment
    The written word of God is the Commandments, Paul, John and Simon cause people to break everyone of these in some way.
  7. Simon Peter was the Stone of Stumbling
    Peter means stone and was therefore what Isaiah was referring to, Yeshua wasn't and named Simon this to confirm it.
  8. Revelations Contains a Forgery
    The End of Revelations is forged and is obvious, with a close examination.
  9. People Who Have Understood Paul is Anti-Christ's Teachings
    This is a list of Intelligent people, who have realised that Paul is fake!
  10. Why John contradicts the Bible
    This is a quick guide to all the points that the gospel of John says that Yeshua said.
  11. Yeshua / Jesus Vs Saul / Paul Points
    This is a quick guide to the contradictions between Saul / Paul and Yeshua / Jesus
  12. Christ was not a Sacrifice for Sin
    Christ came to show the wisdom of God, it was the pharisees who sentenced him to death and then proclaimed, he was a sin offering.
  13. Christ Taught Reincarnation
    Christ and his followers believed in reincarnation, until 533 A.D. until the Roman Church that Paul established ended it.
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