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Religious Resolution

Articles about Religious Subjects and there true meanings.
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  1. Inheritance from God
    What is being taught at present by most christians, will not gain an Inheritance.
  2. Communion
    The idea of communion has been passed down by the Pharisees, and not as many believe that Christ told people to do it, as it would break the law of moses.
  3. Not all sinners
    The concept that all are under, is from Paul and not as the Bible tells.
    Plus it contradict what Christ preachd.
  4. Workers of Iniquity
    What did Christ mean when he said workers of iniquity, and why will they not be allowed to enter Heaven.
  5. One True Teacher
    God is the true teacher of all, a mistake in translations, has made many believe Christ is, yet he clearly said God is.
  6. John was a Pharisee
    The author of the books of John, where written by a member of the pharisee high council.
  7. The True meaning of Mammon
    The word Mammon that Yeshua used, has been wrongly translated.
  8. Religious contracts and Satan are (1).
    With many debating over which religious contract is right, we would like to take this opportunity to relate how Satan is a contract.
  9. A Guide To Uniting the Religions
    How to fix many of the problems in the worlds religions as to make it, that the world can have peace!
  10. Christianity is a Cult
    From a dictionary definition Christianity classifies as a cult, this stems from the Anti-Christ.
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