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Spiritually enlightening poetry, and poems that uplift the soul.
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  1. Clay Pots
    Souls within a Vessel, Here with Ego to Wrestle
  2. Soul's Rhyme of the Time
    Partially Sublime, yet a Message Entwined
  3. Ego is Sin, Let the Story Begin
    Do we Live in Purgatory, a Message Within
  4. Never Mirroring Negativity
    With Haters Everywhere, Message to Share.
  5. Givers Above, Share some Love
    Life is a journey with many knocks, a poem to be unfailing in love; no matter what the shove.
  6. One Song
    Trying to explain the Anti-Christ/Dajjal in one poem for everyone to understand.
  7. PaS
    A poem about our own character.
  8. Reflections of Love
    A poem encompassing parts of the essence of love.
  9. Ego Everywhere
    A poem for the "own your friends" rude people that judge on appearances.
  10. Parable of the Sands of the Sea
    A poem given for something written, it may show some insight, if we spend the time to look in light.
  11. A Poem to a Friend
    For you I write this simple poem, exposing parts of me. Why?You've seen me as a victim of the things that I don't see. Believe me,There's nowhere in your mind that you can go I haven't been. It's Just,the game that's going on rite now, not everyone can...
  12. Unveiled
    Description of God. Message from God.
  13. Make Peace a Noise
    Some of us shineSome of us whineSome feel the need to divide “yours and mine”Some wait their turnSome lessons, some learnSome fires we feed as we fight will still burnSome always play fairSome don’t and don’t careSome trials we face may seem too much t...
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