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Savage 2 is a fast-paced game centered around an epic battle between the Legion of Man and the Beast Horde.
Each match is a battle for dominance, where two teams of 3-20 players gather resources, research powerful magic and technology, and attempt to destroy the enemy team's command center.
In addition to each faction's standard soldier class, there are specialty roles such as healer, builder, reconnaissance and ranged support, as well as the heavy-hitters such as the assault classes and building-smashing siege units (why hack away at enemy buildings when you can smash them with an uprooted tree trunk?).
Would you rather take the reigns? - then take control as commander of your team from an RTS perspective, building structures, researching new weapons and abilities, casting powerful support spells, and coordinating your team's efforts.

Savage 2 is completely free to play.
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 Re: Savage 2

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Feel free to add the name wizanda when you sign up, as we will get a refer bonus then...

This is the best team work, action packed, fun game I've found so far...