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Our mission is to search for other Indigos worldwide. We want them to connect and give them a place to meet and learn from each other. We want to show those who do not know they have this wonderful spirit, who they are and help them grow with the gifts possessed by, and the phenomenon that is, an Indigo. Indigos do have a purpose in life and that is to make a big impact in this world. By coming together, with our ideas, thoughts, and actions, we can make this a beautiful, better world by awakening those around us! Indigos grow tired and sick of this world, with the stupidy and and the constant problems of wars, poverty, and illness. This is why we have the strong desire to change this world into a better place and set the foundations to raise to a real civilization without capitalism, wars and racism. But this project is not only for Indigos.

We are searching for all those that have the same goals, the same way of thinking and the strong desire to change this world to a better place. All Indigos and all other people that think differently than most do, are very welcome here. It is a place for EVERYBODY who has the same point of view about the problems in this world. Many people who are not Indigo, have some strong characteristics and gifts which allow them see how blind and ignorant most people are and how unbelievable those horrible things that are happening on this planet can be. For all those people who cant stand it anymore, we have created this place so you could meet other people who think like you do.

There are no borders for different races, cultures, or beliefs. In this place we will unite all those who think in a deeper way - those who want to change this world.
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