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Posted by qOLOp on 1092594914
i have no religion, and i don't want one :)

i do, however, love learning about all religions. mythology totally fascinates me... errr.... religion and spirituality, i mean.

i'm very spiritual, tho. it is just that i prefer using my own head, heart, and spirit to perceive truth, rather than placing myself within the confines of religious boxes and under direct mind control by humans and spirits who have hidden agendas.

i'm a Warrior Bitch, and tend to break myself out of boxes imposed upon me.

i think outside the lines. most religions i have taken forays into have a problem with that.

also, i believe a "one true religion" is unrealistic. you will never be able to convince everyone of anything, you know. especially me :)

my dad is a nut. seriously, he is quite mentally unstable, and when he goes unstable, he tends to obsess about how he has the world's answers, and he goes about to every church he can reach to convince everyone that he has founded "the one true religion" and he calls it UPI (Ultimate Persuasion Institute.)

his behavior has caused me to look closely at matters, and perhaps gave me much insight i'd not have had otherwise.

this sounds like a very interesting forum.


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