Re: The 13 Dimension and Commandments explained

Posted by wizanda on 1099137581
I have also died before in this life time and have seen this from a different perspective

What I saw was the whole universe exists as quarks which are the smallest part of atoms for those who don’t know

The quarks where spirit and I was within what I saw at least it felt like that

The first place I went was into the more dense lower levels of existence which was ego (hell) and the quarks or spirit were just straight lines not containing much bounce

This was very much like Christ had said where the people where bothered about feeding them self and not each other

Everyone was talking yet no one was listening
This is/was hell it appeared to me yet not as many fictional stories have portrayed yet the dense low of the universe making up objects with in the universe with no real control over your existence

Yet I, as per usual started talking about higher things and they tried to get me and cover me with a dark level yet I called out and said I knew oneness
In my spirit and from with in me a light shone out yet the lower levels tried to quench it
Then a light from above found me and pulled me through different levels of dimension (it appeared to me) It took me into a place that was not, yet was apart of all of the universe, It had transcend solid matter and was in the realms of free consciousness
The first level of heaven was love and unconditional love for the universe and god first so that all centered on oneness.
The next was wisdom and high levels of wisdom with out comparison or disease in the thinking, true understanding of why things happen and with unconditional love contained
This level was focused in on the center of the universe as well with all the wisdom and thought of the spirit focused in on god
Yet I shouldn’t even call him/it god as no name is suitable as he/she is all names and is all things
As the way spirit exist in heaven is as bouncing radiant balls of dynamic quarks having been able to bounce them self’s into new structures within their souls
So as you float round each other you learn from the structure of the spirit with an immense love and wisdom with out comparison and free of this ego we have let over whelm our peoples and are slowly spreading more into the universal flow

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