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Posted by qOLOp on 1105326293
Ok Wizanda, There is to much to that post to address , so I will try a few things. You said Jesus said john was Elijah, supporting reincarnation. I have pondered that a lot over the decades. I think john had some of the essence of Elijah, or that same spirit. When anybody dies, the spirit of life (breath)returns to God. That breath (spirit) has the life experiences of elijah. Now when john was born, it is most likely this same breath (spirit) that was in elijah, was placed into john at his conception. This does not mean, john was elijah, but did have some of that essence. There is only one elijah, as there is only one john. But this essensce, (breath) or (spirit) can be recycled in different ages, if the times call for it. Does that make sense to you? "dude" from
When Jesus made adam from the dust, he was a body lying on the ground, dead! Then God breathed life (breath or spirit) into him and he became a living soul. Our soul is our personality, it is not the spirit which is breath. When man dies, his body returns to the dust, the breath or spirit returns to God, and the soul goes to sleep, awaiting resurrection. So this spirit has the history of that person in it, but it is not that person. Each soul is indepent of all others and has to stand judgment by itself as one! Thats why elijah and john are not the same soul, but did share the same spirit. Can you follow this? "dude from christian links"

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