Re: The 13 Dimension and Commandments explained

Posted by wizanda on 1107190251
yes i do follow what you mean and you are correct
when i died this is what i saw
also i in my memories i or my spirit remembers over 20,000 years
so i agree full heartedly
at first i wasn´t sure when i was 5 and felt this way
so i have studied loads and had many past memories now i am about sure of who i am an that spirit does return if sent by God
many people do not believe this as they follow paul and not Christ
as paul said we are to live once then be judged yet this does not concur with what i saw in heaven or with what the other prophets have said
So what many need to see is the fake prohpet spoke all the way through the bible is paul as his spirit is that of a pharisee and law maker
if you check up prophocies you will see what i have stuck in this thread fufills many prophecies world wide as the 13 dimensions are surposed to reamerge as fore told by mayans
and the last commandment as fore told by the bible
also christ said he would send the spirit of truth and if he didn´t go then the spirt couldnt come back as the 2 are 1
In my spirit and through what God has shown me i understand most spirtula dimensions and levels alot since i was 5
yet i was scared to defy my auntie si kept quiet as not top break the commendments by repecting my olders and parents
yet through God convincing me other wise i am now solid enough in my self and in biblical and spiritual knowlecdge to explain and not waver
what i ask of many is that we relise heaven is oneness split into three levels 1st love 2nd wisdom and 3rd God
all three are one and heaven is one all people who have said this are about right yet all explain a part
hell is ego there is no devil it comes from mans ego and through no ego and pure devotion to oneness we can make the world a better place

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