Who or what is the devil!

Posted by wizanda on 1107873287
When i died, i saw no devil as many people now believe.
To believe that a being oposed to God exsists, is nieve
If you read the begining of the bible God created the world and saw that it was good.
The devil or satan appers in Job, God ask him where did you come from and satan replys from walking on the earth
Ok so where does bad come from many ask?
When i died, in hell all i saw is man with Ego
As heaven is oneness, and ego is that we know better then God
Why do many people believe Christ is God, as this is what Ego, would have you believe as it is easier to believe in something we can see, God is spirit and all things in the universe he has no image as he is all.
Not as Yeshua stated
So if you think, where does bad come from, people thinking they are doing good when in fact they cause bad.
God has ultimate knowledge he doesnt make mistakes, and didnt create a force as powerful as him self to fight against as this would be daft.
in fact the devil/satan comes from mans own heart wishing to be important or when he gets hurt.
many ask how we can end kali as hindu´s call it, the age of limitaion? easy!
realise within every person ego can cause bad, each person controls thier own destiny
Heaven is made up of love and wisdom, and hell is Ego.
this is as simple, as it gets
this from what i have seen and the father has shown me is the truth!
Ego can come in many forms so be warned
yet it also can be controled, so all must get to the task of controling them selfs, not trying to control others with there own ego, by telling them they are evil as this produces ego
so it dosent help infact make things worse
Love as my brother yeshua stated is the only way to change people
Pauls judgemental way do not help people, they make people go the other way.

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