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About Knowledge

I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt that I and all that I perceive, exists, and is as it seems. However, unreasonable doubt is still doubt, and if it exists in the smallest degree, than I can not claim absolute certainty. All is not as it seems.

There is no part of my anatomy that enables me to be sure that the knowledge I'm exposed to is factual, though some things do seem more certain than others. We are always more likely to believe in knowledge gained through our own experiences, than in hear-say, or even recorded information. And, we more eagerly believe information that supports or confirms our own understanding. In the end, it is only our belief in the accuracy of the source, or means through which the knowledge was obtained, that separates that which we perceive as accurate from that which we perceive to be inaccurate or uncertain.

It is all too easy to overemphasize any one part of the greater whole, or to imagine that one's own view is superior to another's. Seek not to compete with the views of others, but to place them in proper perspective within the grand scheme. Not to say there are no absurd notions in the wrold, but the majority of notions overall, do hold merit to some degree.

Knowing is not a prerequisite to understanding. There will always be those who will argue any point. But for the time it takes to prove one thing conclusively, hundreds of things can be understood.

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