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Posted by qOLOp on 1109028625
I do not really think that it's a problem with Paul and to that extent not with Jessus, Mohamad or Moses. I think it's a problem with those who calim that they are excuting the will of God and serving his bidding.
For us muslims however in the Quran it states clearly that no religion is better than the other and if God wished God would have created all nations with one religion, the competition should be in doing good deeds -what ever good deeds might be- and in my opinion that's a clear indicator that a christian and a jew could and will enter in the kingdom of heaveans same as a muslim if they were all steadfast in their believe and commited to making good deeds.
The Quran, being modern or old cannot be altered, as we muslim believe, for it is God's promise to protect the recitation after it's revelation. may be we can miss interpret the meaning, but never alter God's word for God will never permit or allow this.
And finally fighting to eliminate the horror and terror inflicted on anyone is not only a nobel idea, but a duty of every willing and able person, to the point that God said in the Quran to think not of those who died defending His way (this is my own understanding- spreading misschief, terror among other things ) as dead, but forever alive, and this is a promise that was given by God in the Torah the Bible and Quran, as the Quran said.
Now truley I do not know, nor I can argue for the people of the Torah or for the people of the Gosples, nor I can argue for the people of the Quran, but I'm wondering as a believer in the Quran why do I want to stop a war that targets the elimination of evil, specially when the good guys are winning ?

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