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Posted by themissinglink on 1166576796
What Really Matters???

Whether it vibrates or makes any sound?
The number of thingies that circle around?
Whether it travels in clusters or waves?
The time that it takes or the time that it saves?

In the door, on the floor, in a brown paper bag
Layed out in a line or in a zig zag
How for it's away, the shape that it's in
On the tip of your tongue, on the end of a pin

Whether it's solid or liquid or gas
A small coin of gold or a big bag of trash
How long it remains, the way that it moves
What color it is, whatever it proves

So come all yee faithfull and kick it around
Lets argue the meaning, obscure and confound
Lets call it a name that the others won't know
Lets burry it deep and then hope it can grow

Lets gather it up and call it our own
Lets get it together or LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

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