Re: Who or what is the devil!

Posted by qOLOp on 1113519696
There certainly is a devil....satan has you believing he does not exsist...he makes many feel he does not exsist...that is why the bible says few find jesus to have a vessel in which we can come to the father...the bible is our basic instructions before leaving earth...and you can only know god through developing a personal and intimate relationship with jesus christ...once you know...but this is where each individual needs to search and seek with all their heart...until then life is not can think it is real...but the supernatural you will never know...I challenge everyone to search and seek for jesus and cruxify there ego...become selfless to god....lay your life on the alter and give all you are to Jesus....I guarantee your life will be transformed and no one can do it but you....the devil / satan does not ever want you to know or come to understand that keeps you in his one but you can make that choice and only god knows your true heart...your true thoughts, feelings, emotions....this is not easy....but in the end so worth it.....surrender all you are all you have and just watch the blessings flow in.

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