Re: Why Christian means to be on cannabis

Posted by qOLOp on 1117371446
lol. I've made up a few like that before too, but never heard of that one. It's pretty funny (unless you actually believe it). Just to make sure the record is straight:

Christ = Messiah = Anointed One
Christians = belonging to Christ

It's just a tad of a strech to take a receipe for perfum from the Old Testament (which was for objects, not people) and say that it relates to all Christians.

Christ was anointed with the Holy Spirit. His feet were also anointed with perfum at one point. Early Christians were anointed with fire from heaven. No room for drugs here I'm afraid.

Another thought: One of the marks of a Christian is meant to be self-control, not relinquishing of control over themselves.

Knowledge of God's Glory B 2 U
(Romans 1:25)

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