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Please don’t post any more unless you back it up with scripture based facts, don’t take offence. Yet I have not heard something so made up, since reading the books of John and Paul. It is not your fault, as this is what is widely believed. Now the Pharisees John and Paul and the church they establish, is your beast that sits on many waters, as they have caused people to worship something other then God. They are the back bone of today’s political system, which is Pharisee in hierarchy. They mange to make people break every commandment that God wrote with his own hand. the rest of the bible is mans interpretation of what God said to them. Yeshua is and was true, the Pharisees spread lies established the Roman Catholic Church and changed what he said. Yet again it was there own Ego, they thought they could do a good job as they knew the scriptures, they thought? Yet all they did was destroy what Yeshua came to set free and cause many to go to Sheol. As it causes more egos, in the world, though it may not appear on the outside. Yet in side in the soul and to others who are not scripturally educated, as people are told they are sinners and put under fear by their doctrine. As the devil means accuser of the people, I think they have stated every way possible to put people under fear. Neither was a prophets, both prophesied, and both changed Yeshua wording to what they believed it should be.
When in genesis does it say Satan or devil? It doesn’t it says serpent, if man could stop blaming things on some super natural force. They would realise that bad comes from mans own ego. It was mans choice to eat the apple and as they had just fallen they blamed it on the serpent.
It does not say Lucifer was the devil, either, if u read all of it in Isaiah it also says.

Isa 14:13 for you have said in your heart, I will go up to the heavens, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north.

Phi 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

The same as Paul said he was aiming for. It is Paul who established the Roman church, which before it was a church, was the head of the Roman Empire, with the same power and systems as Babylon. Then to keep control of the people they used religion to continue their rule.
You are speaking to the angel in revelations chapter 10, so please don’t argue about it, as this is the facts. I have seen both heaven and hell and know God and Yeshua personally.
If you check many of the scripture you quoted, and replace Satan with the Ego or the devil with the accuser, you will see it make sense. Except for in the books of John and Paul as they are the accusers, though they couldn’t see it them selves as their own egos blinded them from the truth.
The reason there is bad in the world is due to man thinking, he can do something better then the way God intended it.
We hurt our selves, as we walk away from the light by our own egos, as then we can’t see where we are going and cause problems in our lives.
I have met with in this life time some very disturbed people, who perform bad things. Yet they are not evil, they are just hurt and have let their ego’s over whelm them.
Where you have quoted James 4:4 you will see it is discussing the ego and people being proud.
I ask and pray that you read this properly, and not go looking for anti-Christ doctrine.
You stated Matt 23 and John together, matt 23 is that they think by proclaiming they know Yeshua, they can get in, yet it is God (Oneness) that people must know. John saying to separate your self from the world is in direct contradiction, to much of what Yeshua said. So how could he have said that, when he said to be a light unto the world? He didn’t, most of John is made up of speculation and hearsay, of what people thought he said. I will soon add it all to this site as it is all provable by knowing most of the scriptures and the help of the Holy Spirit that it is made up.
Also Paul saying that an angel of light was the devil is the daftest thing I have heard him say, as Yeshua appeared as an angel of light to him. All the way through the Bible, angels of light appeared to people on numerous occasions, sent by God. So it was not the devil, yet God and his angels trying to tell Paul to stop what he was doing, yet he still continued as he thought he was on the right track. So ignored them and believed them to be the devil, as it stood against what he believed. If it was from Sheol, it is dark and there is no light in it, heaven has authority to do things like that and it is the light.
The world is shortly coming into the tribulation, and who has caused the hurricanes and flood and many of the natural disaster? Man and our egos with our big cars and factories, as it says in revelations, those destroying the earth will be removed.
Also you quoted Jeremiah, yet incorrectly, so I will ask that you read Jeremiah 23, that you shouldn’t quote others words and change the context.
So it is time to wake up and question our action as a people and sort it out, before it is too late, else we will be the cause, of our own destruction. Not some super natural being has and is, working against God; I find that personally insulting. As this is a great underestimation of who and what the power of God is. Where can anything hide, from something that made the whole universe? God is the light of the universe and is so bright, even if something were to hide in a corner, all God has to do is shine and the corner is illuminated and that in the dark is blinded.
Again I say wake up, he who has an ear, let him hear.

Peace and love B with U


No offense meant in anyway, I am just trying to show you the errors of your ways. I could have deleted the post if I wished, yet better to show you the truth. So if you have any questions please ask.

God bless you and help you to see the truth

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