There Is No Point Telling Religionism They're Hypocrites

Posted by wizanda on 1525432697
There isn't much point for the Messiah/Christ, Saoshyant, Maitreya, Kalki, Li Hong, Imam Mahdi, etc to correct people, and set them on a new course, as history shows it doesn't work.

Hindu's didn't recognize that Buddha showed them their hypocrisy at turning Atman into self, and then implying Brahman has a self.

Rabbinic Judaism didn't recognize that Yeshua showed where Pharisees, Sadducees, and Levites were hypocritical.

Christianity follows the things Yeshua challenged the Pharisees for.

Islam doesn't recognize that the Quran is stating to read all the religions as one.

Thus there is very little point for a world teacher to even expect anyone to listen; as they carry on with what they think they're meant to follow, even when shown it is hypocrisy.

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