Logical Steps To Exegesis

Posted by wizanda on 1539352027
It is always best to try to establish a premise on data first, and if not, then it can become a presupp.

We don't make up presupps, if the data can be supplied.

In analysis - data comes before presuppositions; in debate - we start with the most accurate information first i.e. data, premise, presupp.

A presupposition should be examined by logical deduction to show the structure of the claims, to establish if data can be supplied in the first place, to then replace it with a logical premise.

We don't take the minimum illogical presupp, with many pressups contained.

We don't match criteria to something with many contained presupps.

Is it logic if we can tell ourselves presupps, so we don't have to deal with the facts?

To be continued....

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