Making Money From the Messiah

Posted by wizanda on 1572954299
Considering how much money is made from the Bible, and books arguing about the contexts of the Messiah...

You'd think in 15 years one of you would be a millionaire by now, having sold your story to the papers, that you've literally found the Messiah on a forum.

It is understandable not everyone is very good at study, and thus even though in the early days I did post about the names in the religious texts; it was never questioned later that our name in Hebrew is Flock (ציון ▬ צאן), and our divine being Zion (Psalms 146:10, Psalms 147:12, Isaiah 52:7) becomes a metaphoric name in places.

This forum will one day be packed with people studying, and it only depends on time - to who gets to the papers first.

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