How to Quit Smoking Tabacco

Posted by wizanda on 1577037527
Watching the film, 'The Insider', where we realize they spray the tobacco with ammonia helps, which translates as us being like a Crack Head or Junkie.

Understanding how it affects our body then made me quit, and wouldn't go back, as I know it makes no sense now.

Which is understanding that when we get happiness normally, we get dopamine which is our happy drug in our brain; when we have ammonia, it affects it from refreshing naturally.

Imagine the brain like a flower normally, give it the right food it blossoms regularly, and creates lovely vibes; tobacco is cancelling these out by giving a quick buzz, that doesn't last as long as a healthier life style does.

When we get that gasping feeling, that is our lungs starting to take in oxygen properly; after a few hours it goes, and then taste sensations come back.

Basically we have to realize in our own logic, that smoking tobacco puts us in a more limited depressive state, and costs a fortune to keep us there.

Having some tobacco left, where we know it is there; yet we make the choice not to, makes it real.

It is far easier getting up feeling fresh, and positive; rather than using patches.

Giving ourselves the space; makes it easier to free ourselves.

Like if we try to tell ourself, often we will find ways around it, as we're so sneaky.

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