The Messiah was Always the Destroyer

Posted by wizanda on 1600408063
According to the Hebrew in the Bible, the Messiah can also mean, and came as a Destroyer... The Destroyer, and Refresher in Sanskrit was Shiva.

Therefore the Messiah always came to cut people off, not to give Salvation; they murdered Yeshua (Salvation), and were divorced from God.

Yahavah in Hebrew is the same as saying Lord Brahma in Sanskrit.

Now fair enough we can see that the 'Lord of Creation' (YHVH) became the 'Lord who Saves' (Yehoshua) or became 'our Salvation' (Yeshua).

Contextually atonement always existed by repentance, no one had to die as a human sacrifice, and the idea people believe that, was prophesied as a reason to burn them.

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