Issues with KalaChakra Yoga and 7 Forms of Yoga

Posted by wizanda on 1600417292
Six Yogas - Wikipedia.

There are only 6 forms which spiritually sounds like throwing darts in random directions, to hope to hit the target.

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The Kundalini Yoga is hormones created by the gonads, when the breath is brought down into the solar plexus (Manipura), we create energy in a Fit Core (Svadhishthana), through the practise of Hatha Yoga.

Hatha yoga should be more like a cross referencing of Tai-Chi, Chi-Gong, and dance, as it is about maintaining a strong abdomen, which allows energy to flow through us.

Doing stretching is essential to allow the body to flow, and without it people can become repressive, as the body literally contracts.

The balancing of Karma, and Mindfulness to observe our own nature, in a balanced body allows for us to channel Chi through our Devotion (Bhakti), into the Flowering of our higher consciousness (Jnana).

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