The Message of the Last Messenger

Posted by wizanda on 1600585259
The world's religious texts explain we're in an artificial reality, that will be formatted, and reinstalled; at the same time as the Final Battle happens in the Middle East (Israel Vs Iran).

At the End of Time (Kalki) the final Avatar comes as a Bringer of Truth (Saoshyant), 'as a Fig before Summer' to try to repair the world's religions.

That person's name by definition of what is stated in the religious texts is Skanda, Sananda, Sandalphon, Sand, Zand, Zion, Zan.

Ultimately the knowledge has always been there within each of us to connect to Source (God); no one can take us back to the Source of reality that manifests us, we have to meditate on our own journey, and go within. 😇

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