Christ Vs Christianity & Islam

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Christianity and Islam have both been dramatically deceived on purpose.

J+ses is a swear word in Ancient Hebrew meaning 'a beast that shall tear away or trample down' (Matthew 7:6).

Christ had cannabis holy anointing oil, and psychedelic shewbread, the same as the Israelites, Zoroastrian, and Dharmic religions also had, he banned alcohol, and they accused him of eating meat and drinking, yet he warns that wisdom is justified by her children.

Our whole world has been deliberately lied to, and we all need to wake up, else we haven't got long left before our own annihilation, where we cause Armageddon between us.

God did not send Christ to die for sin (Isaiah 52:10-53:12); yet to cut off the foolish leaders for going against the Messiah (Zechariah 11).

The Messiah was clearly prophesied as an Elohim, which means a Divine Being; El means the Source of reality, and is not a name.

People have got confused by language since Babylon, and Isaiah 46:9 warns about this, that we should look back to the ancient theology in Deuteronomy 32:7-9, where El (Source) is not like the Elohim (Divine Beings).

The scriptures when translated properly reference Yahavah (Lord of Creation) Elohim as a member of the Divine Council, which the Quran also referenced exists (38:69, 37:8); yet no theologians have corrected the teaching globally about it.

That there is One Source to reality, and then a Divine Council of 24 Elders/Elohim/Avatars that interact with mankind, where the Messiah is the 25th.

Yeshua according to prophecy was an Elohim, not only a mortal, else the Bible makes no sense, and the promise made in the Bible is we can all be immortal, if we actually study the things of God properly.

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