Re: Christ Vs Christianity & Islam

Posted by wizanda on 1604559947
This idea that everyone goes to Heaven is a modern concept when they removed the ideas of reincarnation, and it isn't legitimate, only those of a Divine status can ever be in a place of purity (Heaven).

Christ taught reincarnation, saying that John the Baptist was Elijah; which confirms the Bible as a whole has reincarnation as proof of prophecy - In Malachi 4:4-6 when Yeshua placed the Curse of Moses on the Jews, they rejected them both for the world, and we can see the Curse (Deuteronomy 28) has been on the world since.

Thus they've tried to create an idea it never happened in the made up texts of the Pharisees (John, Paul, Simon), and most of you believe this, that Christ came to save, when it was the exact opposite.

Christ came to establish a Plummet-line or Measure across the whole world as a test, to see who pays attention to his teachings in the Synoptic Gospels; to follow modern Islam or Christianity proves you go opposite to these teachings.

Christians go to an extreme that Christ was a perfect god-man, so they can murder him for atonement, and Muhammadans the opposite that he was neither divine or the son of God - both are fundamentally wrong according to the texts.

Christ was a being sent from Heaven according to both understandings, which meant he came from divinity to be in Heaven, then he came down here.

We're all children of the Source, as it manifests us all; the ideas of Only Begotten Son started because of the false Gospel of John plagiarising David's Psalms, and making J+ses into an idol.

Whereas Yeshua taught those who do the work of God, are children of God.

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