End of Reality Soon if None Help

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According to many religious texts globally, and what I've known since a child, I've been sent before the Great Tribulation - with the knowledge required to prevent it; yet since none have taken it seriously, the end of humanity is on its way... 💔🌍

The Bible prophesied Christ returns explaining the Bed of Adultery (Isaiah 28:9-19) before the resetting of reality, and then the Messianic Age - 'Like a Parable of the Fig before Summer' (Isaiah 28:4).
Christ is prophesied to have a New Name in Revelation 3:12; this new name is Sananda, which comes from the original name of the Creator's son - Sanandana.
The Pillar in the Temple of God is Sandalphon in Judaism's archangels, and the New Jerusalem is in reference to Zion Elohim (Psalms 146:10, Psalms 147:12, Isaiah 52:7).
In Revelation the term Lambs is a plural diminutive of sheep; which is then a Flock.
Flock in Hebrew is Zan (צאן) - thus it is Zan's Book of Life; where Zan was found as the name of the Creator in many religions globally.

Z and A is the Last and First letter, and Zander is a fish. ><>

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna promises to return before Mahapralaya (J-Day Fire) as Skanda the son of Shiva, the rider on a white being. Who is also recorded as 'Kalki' the 25th & final avatar, which means 'the end of time'.

In Zoroastrianism there are recorded Saoshyants (Bringers of Truth). The wise-men came to Christ's birth with gifts based on their prophecies. Moses was prophesied within them as a great leader, and Buddha taught the Dharma. The final Saoshyant comes correcting the scriptures before Frashokereti (J-Day Fire). Zand means exegesis in Persian, and some of their texts are called the Zand-Avesta.

Odin is spelled Wōdanaz, and returns before Ragnarök.

What is interesting, is in the film the 'Kid Who Would Be King', some people know that the Messiah's birth certificate name was 'Alexander Elliott' born in the UK; where the film reiterates these global prophecies.

The Sibylline Oracle of Delphi explains the Messiah will have a name that sounds like 'Sand'; yet shall be a return of King David, and Alexander the Great. Where it explains how it has always been Zeus's interaction with mankind, as there is only one Source to reality.

The Nicene Church Fathers recorded that Jupiter (the head of the Roman pantheon), was the same as Jove from the Jews, and Zan (Zeus) from the Greeks.

The thing is, I've always wanted to educate mankind, the burning everyone at the reformatting of reality, is because humans trash the place, and we have to keep the Enlightened Saints who've listened... Yet if people actually listened globally, couldn't we turn it around between us? 🤔🙏🤔

Some come to the conclusion that the Messiah could unite humanity, and build world peace; personally based on how much people have tried to help, I doubt that, and therefore sit expecting Armageddon... 😇🐳

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