Re: End of Reality Soon if None Help

Posted by wizanda on 1610293731
I really wish people helped us more with the fate of humanity...

As an archangel down here, who knows that the texts proves what I was told as a child in advanced detail; I'm looking forward to the Judgement Day Fire coming here, as I've spent my lifes trying to warn people, so there is a sense of relief it is soon over...
Yet I know most of us don't want this, and yet without people helping, destiny is already set that the Great Tribulation will wipe humanity out, and then Source brings back the Enlightened Saints.

Without each one of us choosing to want all of us to exist, we're not going to get anywhere, and none are saved automatically.

Especially when 'J+sus' means 'a beast that shall trample down or tear away.'

The Synoptic Gospels Vs the Gospel of John is a purposeful IQ morality test; which the world has already failed on. Simon was called the Stumbling Stone (peter), as he would mislead people with Pharisaic Pauline Christianity.

The Quran wasn't there as a new text, it was a review of the previous texts that came before it.

If people read the world's religious texts, they'd already know here is the top floor of Hell (Maya), and that the Messiah is prophesied to be ignored before Judgement Day; as the world's religion as one, has become divided by an accusative cult mentality.

The thing is the plan is already perfect, and every action has been calculated to infinity, to encompass everyone worthy of the Age of Enlightenment...

This asking for global help, to try to prevent what is prophesied, is more for your benefits, before many of you are to be deleted from the Matrix at Judgement Day.

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