Re: End of Reality Soon if None Help

Posted by wizanda on 1610386969
I've spent years wanting to cry when I wake up, and none close to me have cared enough to ask properly why...
The reason is, I've been sent with advanced religious prophecy, and known since young I'm down near Hell before the Great Tribulation.
Like my first nervous break down was at 12, because as well as dealing with everything crazy in life, I'd also spend most of my time trying to ponder how I'd single handily inform the world they were already following the Antichrist's teachings - which by its nature proves most of us hypocrites in some way.
I'd sort of decided back then, that if I wrote music I'd win the hearts of the audience, then it might be easier to include the hypocritical contradictions.
The problem is since 24 on reading the Bible, I've realized people might like the music, the poetry, and art I create, yet they don't actually want to change their doctrine, and don't even recognize their own immoral hypocritical standards.
According to the world's religious texts, as stating above, Source plans on just burning the lot of us, and keeping those who got it... This is highly unfair, as many of us don't have the faculties to understand some of the assessments.
Having no one to confide in most of my life with this situation is ridiculous, and the people close to me seem to expect getting a partner is a solution; yet this then overwhelms any relationships, as I sort of place this decision for the fate of humanity on someone... This isn't fair as it isn't their choice; it is everyone's.
Without any assistance, religious prophecy will soon be fulfilled: where when Israel/USA starts World War 3 with Iran, the Judgement Day Fire cleanses reality.
By definition of what the religious texts determine, many of the individual religious ideologies won't be here after, as they eat animals, drink alcohol, don't have entheogens, endorse man-made marriages, accept human sacrifice, and are predatory within their nature.
We're coming to a new reality, where the Enlightened Saints have already been invited with visions, and get resurrected after the Great Tribulation.
If anyone wants to know how to be invited, please ask; as I've sort of lost hope in all people, as it appears people didn't really want to listen properly in the first place, else they'd not still be down here. 😇💔🌍

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