Re: Do you believe in fairies?

Posted by wizanda on 1121068964
Funny you ask that.....

People who spend their time thinking upward thoughts, ie spirituality, music, creativity, ect

There ears usualy are pointy, so they can catch more upper tone sounds as when people discuss spiritual subject they use higher frequencies.

Where as people who discuss money all the time and low tone sounds ie polliticans, bankers, ect

There ears start to have long lobes, as when you talk about money and other matters like this, you use low tone frequencies.
So your lobes grow longer to catch the sound.

Funny isn`t it, I originaly realised due to tolkin, then I have studied most of the UK and found this to be correct.

One way to spot the sheep from the goats.

If this applys to you I am sorry, yet i have found this to be true, in all people I have seen so far.

Yet if this does apply to you, you can change as when I have let money matter, way me down my ear lobes do indeed get longer.

So I try my best to stay upward thinking and all ways listen to the bigger picture.

My ears have now changed, so that I have smaller ear lobes and pointy ears.

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