Re: Do you believe in fairies?

Posted by healthysuccess on 1121101513
I have a picture of my daughter in her crib when she was about 4 months old. Her chubby cheeks and pointed ears instantly made us think of an elf. (Not knowing about faeries at the time.)

She is the joy of my life, as well as my life challenge. I have brought her up to question authority, because so many in authority can be wrong. I was taught not to question, to the detriment of my health as well as my family. She has the insight to see inconsistancies as well as injustice. I learn from her all the time.

At the age of 12, she has a natural beauty that people pay big bucks to immitate. Large, burgandy lips, rosy cheeks, hair that is straight,but with body, and sparkling eyes. Make up does nothing for her. She is slowly realizing what she has, and what other people do to get what she has naturally.

She also has always had a very strong attraction to trees, as well as other plants. One tree in our front yard is her friend, that she has always communicated with.

We love our faerie, (her preferred spelling) very much.

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